General FAQs

What are the benefits of having an ATM on your premises?

How much transaction commission can I earn?

Who fills the ATM with cash?

If I'm putting cash in the ATM how do I get it back?

How secure is the ATM?

Do I need to insure the ATM?

How long will it take you to install the ATM?

Will it cost me anything?

A customer has reported that the ATM has made a mistake on a transaction, what should I do?

I want to change the location of the ATM. How do I go about doing this?

I am changing/have changed my bank account details. What should I do?

How do I cash the ATM?

How long does it take for the cash dispensed from my machine to reach my bank account?

Am I more likely to have a break-in if my business has an ATM?

Will my Insurance Company put my premiums up if I install an ATM?

Is there a contract?

Can i start an ATM business?

How much can I expect to earn by having an ATM on my premises?

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